Philip Hannaway (Left) and Atul Bansal (Right), photographer: Melanie Ann Cionco

A new diverse and inclusive creative space, Seesaw, is opening in Manchester, with a focus on providing a welcoming space of work for creatives and collaborators.

Seesaw, opening this May on 86 Princess Street, created by Atul Bansal, 61, and Philip Hannaway, 44, and David McCall: is a studio for any creator who is interested in working in collaboration and sharing their creativity.

Atul said: “This isn’t a co-working building, this is a space for people who want to share things.

“I think that’s the philosophy of this — it’s not about desks or tables, or how much it costs…

Josh Cooler, Mark Nielsen and Jonas Rivera receive the 2019 Best Animated Feature for Toy Story 4. Credit: Screenshot from Oscar’s Youtube Channel.

The 93 Academy Award ceremony is happening this 26 of April, and predictions are in for who wins it.

This year nominees are: Soul, Wolfwalkers, Onward, Over The Moon, and A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmaggedon.

The least likely out of the five is probably Shaun the Sheep: Farmaggedon, a sequel produced by Aardman Animations, this nominee is not likely to receive the award as stop motion has not been kindly looked on by the big ceremonies. Last year’s Missing Link’s win in the Golden Globe was a surprise that is unlikely to repeat itself again, not after Soul already…

We are all affected.

For everyone lockdown has been a different experience. It could have been one of the worst and most tragic moments in 2020, one of their most unexpected and boring ones, or perhaps the happiest and most calming moment. Whatever lockdown meant to you, death, boredom, stress or happiness, it can’t be ignored that it is affecting our minds in a problematic way.

But even when my words speak about lockdown as it had passed: it hasn’t. And the effects it has on people are still present and continuing. …

... but the fact that his name became one in a massive list of victims.

For the past few weeks everywhere around the world, the name of George Floyd came into the mouths of many. The news of his death was a shock to the white people, but a custom to the black people around the globe, after all: injustice in cops brutally killing people of colour before arrest while at the same time they arrest white criminals with the most care of the world? That’s the new norm for many POC communities.

And the response from the American people…

It almost seems as though he’s failing on purpose.

Boris Johnson today has shown his true colours when talking about the COVID-19 regulations. He has shown that little does he care about what his team of advisors and workers, do behind the stage.

A few days ago, this was demonstrated with his advisor Dominic Cummings, who preferred to go with the “caring father act” without any kind of hesitation.

Even when someone can state, that Cummings had good intentions, you have to judge his acts and not picture him as a father, but as the Prime Minister’s Advisor. This tittle…

Melanie Cionco

Freelancer writer, with no skill but lots of ideas. Mostly focused in Politics, LGBTQA+ issues and Animation. (English is not my first language.)

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